OPEC Cuts and Hopes for Impact

The production allocations for OPEC/non-OPEC countries provide a bit more clarity than the December 7th Declaration of Cooperation. The document indicates a cut of 320,000 b/d for Saudi Arabia – smaller than the 450,000 b/d originally implied. On balance, we believe OPEC will get close to compliance. Non-OPEC participants to the deal, led by Russia, are unlikely to comply fully. For more on the market impact see our just-released Global Crude Oil Outlook.

U.S. Gasoline Exports Continue to Grow in 2019

Hellenic Shipping News:

According to ESAI Energy’s recently released One-Year Global Fuels Outlook, the U.S. gasoline surplus will expand by roughly 80,000 b/d next year as demand continues to plateau and output keeps rising. Since first moving into surplus in 2016 the U.S. gasoline balance has risen steadily to roughly 350,000 b/d this year. As a result of a growing surplus, combined U.S. exports of finished gasoline and motor gasoline blending components will rise to over 1.0 million b/d next year.