Transport Fuel Demand Plateaus in 2020

After rising by 160,000 b/d last year, European demand for transport fuels will rise by 100,000 b/d this year to an average of 9.7 million b/d as gasoline and jet fuel demand growth decelerates and residual bunker consumption falls outright. This slowing trend will continue through 2020, when European transport fuel consumption growth grinds to a halt, buffeted by economic headwinds.

Oil Futures Up on Supply Shortfall

Progressive Farmer: Under OPEC+ accord, Russia agreed to shoulder more than 50% of the total non-OPEC cuts, which stands at 400,000 bpd. However, it has since struggled to reach the agreed quota, due to reported opposition from domestic oil industry. According to ESAI Energy, Russian crude exports are expected to reach a multi-year high of 5.7 million bpd in April, driven by greater flow of Russian crude into Asia in a bid to expand market share. Higher export rate comes as Russian oil producing companies finally achieved full compliance with their quota of 228,000 bpd cut in March.

Russian Crude Exports to Soar in April

Oilfield Technology: Russian crude exports will reach a multiyear high of 5.7 million bpd in April, 400 000 bpd higher than average exports in the previous 5 months, according to a Market Alert released by ESAI Energy. Among other things, unusually high exports have implications for market share in Asia. As the past few years’ fluctuations in Russian exports have shown, unusually high exports are accompanied by greater flows of Russian crude into Asia.