Will Iran Retaliate?

As the U.S. deploys military assets to the Arab Gulf region, and continues to increase the pressure on Iran, will Iran retaliate? Closing the Straits of Hormuz is what first comes to mind, but that step would not really help Iran beyond showing its resistance to the U.S. and its allies in the Gulf. Moreover, it can be overcome by a U.S. military response. Cyber-attacks on its neighbors, especially their oil facilities, would be more subtle and deniable. As Iran’s economy deteriorates, the likelihood of some form of retaliation is growing.

Upgrading Investment Slows in Face of IMO

Vertically-integrated oil companies’ acquisitions of struggling independent refineries will avert a contraction of Russian distillation capacity. However, the demise of New Stream is just one more development dampening the prospects for the addition of upgrading capacity by the time new IMO regulations take effect. A maximum of two hydrocrackers will enter into operation by the end of 2019. For many refiners, adapting to IMO will consist of the vacuum units already in place.