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Transport Fuel Demand Growth Decelerating

EU-16 transport fuel demand is expected to increase by an annual average of less than a 60,000 b/d in 2016 and 2017, a far cry from growth of nearly 130,000 b/d in 2015. Diminishing demand growth will limit the recovery of a weak global distillate market and keep regional diesel refining margins low.

Waning Arab Gulf Geopolitics of Oil

The 21st century marks a departure from traditional geopolitics. Transnational movements, such as radical Islam, have pushed terrorism and now refugees on to the foreign policy agenda of many countries. Meanwhile industrial-ized countries increasingly blame domestic economic weakness on globalization. As a result, a nationalist backlash is gaining steam on issues related to security, trade,…

March 18, 2016 A Bullish Turn for Gasoline

NYH gasoline spreads will rise above $20 per barrel this summer. Demand growth, which will be smaller this year compared to 2015, is only part of the reason behind anticipated gasoline strength in 2016. More notably, weak demand and oversupply for other refined products, especially diesel, will limit throughput and constrain gasoline supply.