Energy Security

In the 1980s, Energy Security Analysis, Inc. was formed, in part, to begin the study of how to use inventories to manage oil crises. ESAI was the first private company to develop a measure of global oil inventories, including those held by commercial companies and those held by national governments. Since then, ESAI has been an advisor to the U.S., Japanese and Indian governments on the question of strategic stocks. In addition, ESAI has consulted with and presented before the International Energy Agency on the question of when to use Strategic Stocks.

ESAI President, Sarah Emerson, published the article, When Should We Use Strategic Oil Stocks in the journal, Energy Policy in 2005.

ESAI Energy, which took on the oil market analysis duties of ESAI in 2009, continues to be a frequent commentator on energy security and strategic stocks.

For more on ESAI Energy and its views on Energy Security, contact Sarah Emerson directly.