ESAI Energy LLC provides comprehensive analysis of the global, regional, and national petroleum, natural gas liquids and alternative fuels markets, developed from a proprietary country-by-country fundamentals database that dates back to 1978.

ESAI Energy LLC’s principals analysts are trained in market analysts, economics, political science, finance and industrial policy. With this wide ranging expertise integrate quantitative analysis of proprietary and public source data with trends in policy and regulation to develop a thoughtful projection of markets in every country and region.

Quantitative Analysis:

In 1978, ESAI began building a database of commercial and government-held oil inventories for every country that held inventories and tracked them in their national statistics. In subsequent years, ESAI also began collecting data on supply and demand. Today, global petroleum data are more plentiful, but also more complicated and potentially unreliable; ESAI’s 30-year experience with collecting and interpreting data from both emerging and established countries has led to the development of a unique and evidence-based source of market intelligence.

Political, Regulatory and Industrial Analysis:

The quantitative supply/demand analysis is complemented by detailed political, regulatory and industrial analysis. ESAI Energy maintains a database of environmental specifications, taxes, tariffs and subsidies and combines that information with ongoing political, financial and regulatory research to determine future market trends in countries and regions. In addition, we study and interpret key geopolitical developments that impact the global energy markets.