Africa Watch

Africa Watch provides independent, data-driven analysis of the African crude oil, refining, and petroleum product markets. Each report includes an insight that analyzes a market moving development as well as a dataset, which provides historical data as well as a forecast of supply demand fundamentals. Clients have direct access to analysts to ask questions. The report and the dataset are updated monthly and include a 12-month outlook.

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Tables Included with Publication (Excel)

Crude: Algeria, Egypt, Libya and other North Africa; Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Democratic Republic of Congo and other West Africa; Other Sub-Saharan Africa.

Products: North Africa; West-Central Sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria; and East-Southern Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa

Crude Oil Fundamentals

  • Crude Production
  • Refinery Throughput
  • Crude Balance

Motor Gasoline Fundamentals

  • Motor Gasoline Demand
  • Motor Gasoline Supply
  • Motor Gasoline Balance

Diesel Fundamentals

  • Diesel Demand
  • Diesel Supply
  • Diesel Balance

Jet Fuel Fundamentals

  • Jet Demand
  • Jet Supply
  • Jet Balance

Fuel Oil Fundamentals

  • Fuel Oil Demand
  • Fuel Oil Supply
  • Fuel Oil Balance