The emergence of China as a net oil importer in 1995-1996 was a watershed event in the global oil markets. Ever since, energy developments in China have had repercussions around the world. In anticipation of this change, in 1994, ESAI Energy published China’s Oil Industry and the Market: Emerging Asia Market Maker? This prescient analysis was followed six years later in 2000 with Fueling China: Oil and Gas Demand to 2010. In 2015, ESAI Energy published a medium term study examining China’s energy market outlook: Balancing Act: China’s Energy Mix and Oil Market to 2030     

In 1995, ESAI Energy partnered with China Statistical Information and Consulting, which is now China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Center under the National Bureau of Statistics, to analyze data from China’s petroleum sector. With this proprietary flow of data, ESAI Energy launched China Watch, a monthly analysis of supply/demand developments as well as detailed analysis of China’s political, regulatory and foreign policy decisions.

In recent years, ESAI Energy’s China Watch has evolved into a monthly energy market analysis that includes petroleum, natural gas and other energy sources such as coal and renewables. Building on the official data released by the statistics bureau, ESAI Energy also collects and analyzes data from various sources on vehicle fleet, fuel efficiency, fuel quality, pricing, inventory and infrastructure. In addition to the national market, ESAI Energy also analyzes regional energy markets within China.

China Watch remains the industry standard for timely, thoughtful analysis and insight on the Chinese energy situation

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