LNG Analytical Service

The LNG Analytical Service examines the impact of an impending global LNG surplus for its clients, complementing the firm’s offerings in crude oil, natural gas, refining, petroleum products, natural gas liquids, and alternative fuels.

ESAI Energy’s LNG service provides short- and long-term market insights on:

  • Natural gas supply-demand fundamentals at a regional, country and sectoral level,
  • Forecasts of major price benchmarks,
  • Projections of trade flows based on daily LNG tanker movements, a proprietary LNG shipping model and understanding of future flows,
  • Regular updates on infrastructure developments, including capacity, maps, and competitiveness,
  • Regulatory developments promoting or hindering LNG use,
  • Direct access to expert analysts to answer any questions, and,
  • Longer-term impact on energy mix.

Read the press release HERE! – ESAI Energy Details the Growing LNG Surplus

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