Market Implications of Changing Bunker Specs 2020-2025

Six-part comprehensive analysis of market implications of changing bunker specs including:

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  • Part I: Compliance and Bunker Market Size – ESAI Energy will break down the size of the bunker market by geographic region, discuss compliance in reach region, explain enforcement mechanisms, and estimate demand for compliant fuel by geographic region

  • Part II: Supplying Compliant Fuel- Breakdown of refinery operations in each region, productions of LSFO, MGO, and HSFO in each region, compliant fuel trade flows between regions, Scrubber Implementation and LNG consumption


  • Part III: Impact on the Rest of the Refined Product Barrel- Gasoline market side effects by geographic region and HSFO over production by geographic region

  • Part IV: Product Pricing- 2019 anticipation to market dislocation in 2020 and market responses 2021-2025

  • Part V: Crude Quality- Crude pricing differentials by geographic region

  • Part VI: IMO Related Opportunities- Storage, strategic buying, refining investment, scrubber investment, interregional trade in compliant fuel, and gasoline market outlook

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