U.S. Unlikely to Take Significant Action Against Saudi Arabia

The presumed execution of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey has seriously rattled U.S.- Saudi relations and led to the discussion of sanctions in the U.S. Congress. Even so, the complex relationship between the two countries, and especially the joint effort to contain and weaken Iran, tilt against a significant economic response from the Trump Administration.

China’s Naval Power Grows

Over the last several years we have written about the growing imbalance between U.S. and Chinese dependence on the Persian Gulf for oil. Chinese oil demand growth and U.S. oil supply growth have shifted the importance of the region for both importers. A significant and lengthy disruption in the Persian Gulf could still impact all oil consumers through the price mechanism, but the U.S. economy is now far more insulated from energy disruptions than the Chinese economy. Not surprisingly, China’s naval capabilities have grown considerably to address this vulnerability to the flow of oil and other goods

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Eyes on Propane

It is unsurprising that U.S. propane exports have fallen since the start of the year, causing propane prices to decrease from May to June. The seasonality of Japan’s demand and imports dictates that …