Global LPG Outlook

ESAI Energy has the unique capability to understand what is happening in the global LPG market. Each month we provide our Analysts’ insights into disruptions, changing markets, and industry trends. We deliver updated data and forecasts each month that include global supply, demand, and balances; product prices, inventories, and days of cover.

Each month, our updated proprietary dataset includes:

  • Global LPG Supply, Demand, Balances (and select country-level detail)
  • Global LPG Inventories and Days of Cover
  • Global Propane and Butane Prices regionally
  • U.S. Exports of Propane and Butane by destination
  • China Imports of Propane and Butane by source

Monthly updated data includes historical and forecasts out one year, with two-year outlooks in April and October, and our five-year outlook delivered in July.


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