Detailed Forecast of Product Supply, Demand & Exports to 2020

This Multi-Client study will answer the important question:
What impact will Putin’s tax reform have on the Russian Refining Sector and how will it impact the volume and quality of petroleum products exports from Russia, the world’s 3rd biggest refiner?

This Study Includes:

  • Oil Export Duties: Past and future oil export duties and overall refining profitability: 2004-2016
  • Refining Capacity: Profits, Investment & Rationalization: Analysis of 32 refineries comprising 95% of Russian capacity
  • Refinery Output: Explicit forecast of refinery throughput and output of gasoline, naphtha, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil and vacuum gasoil to 2020
  • Diesel supply-demand balances with projected breakdown of diesel by sulfur content
  • Fuel oil balance includes ESAI Energy’s estimates and projections for straight-run fuel oil production and exports

Russia’s refining sector, the 3rd biggest in the world in terms of crude oil throughput, is entering a period of transformation with consequences for global petroleum product markets and refiners in Europe and beyond. Spurred by changes to oil export duties and other pressures, investment is shifting from crude processing to upgrading units. These investments will have a major impact on the volume and quality of products that Russian refiners produce. Changes in refinery output will meanwhile have significant consequences for exports of gasoline, naphtha, diesel, jet fuel, straight-run and other fuel oil, and vacuum gasoil.

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