An ESAI Energy Multi-Client Study

Naphtha Nexus: The Interaction of Global Gasoline, Naphtha
and Petrochemical Markets to 2025

As oil prices remain weak and continue to threaten global oil supplies and only modestly support global demand, managing the surplus and anticipating new opportunities has become central to the future of companies operating in the global oil markets. ESAI Energy introduces a new multi-client study that illuminates one of the darkest corners of the global surplus: naphtha and condensate.

Naphtha Nexus: THE INTERACTION OF GLOBAL GASOLINE, Naphtha and Petrochemical Markets to 2025 ties together gasoline blending, petrochemical demand, refining and splitting investment and global condensate trade flows to provide a holistic understanding of these critical markets.

At the center are the global naphtha markets, which feed transport and petrochemicals while pulling from condensate and refining decisions This multi-client study is designed for:

Naphtha or condensate traders NGL Companies
Refiner and splitter investors Midstream/Infrastructure companies
Gasoline blenders and traders Government agencies analyzing demand drivers & trade flows
Petrochemical producers and investors Financial institutions investing in oil or liquids