U.S. Growing Pains to Upend LPG Trade & Demand Webinar

Hosted by ESAI Energy & ICE

U.S. NGL production has led to the expansion of the global LPG market. Any change in the availability of North American LPG impacts Asian and European petrochemical enterprises and the oil market more broadly.

Join ESAI Energy and ICE for a presentation by ESAI Energy’s Head of Global NGLs, Andrew Reed on August 15th at 10:30 AM Central Time. Andrew will share analysis and insights on:

  • North American LPG supply growth & penetration of foreign markets
  • Asian and European petrochemical LPG demand
  • Looking ahead: Will Mariner East and other new terminals keep pace with U.S. export growth?

ESAI will describe the interaction between North American and global LPG markets and discuss the near-term outlook. Is an export bottleneck emerging? ESAI will discuss implications for:

  • Mont Belvieu LPG prices
  • U.S. feed slate
  • Asian LPG/naphtha pricing
  • Asian and European petrochemical demand

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