ESAI Energy, and Energy Security Analysis, Inc. before it, has forecast crude oil prices for more than 30 years. Our forecasts appear in the monthly Global Crude Oil Outlook, which provides 12 month projections except in April and October when the projections extend to 24 months and in July when they extend to five years. In the first quarter of each year, ESAI Energy releases a 25-year Long-Term Crude Oil Outlook on the global oil markets.

The Global Crude Oil Outlook is ESAI Energy’s “Flagship” product and helps paint a picture of the industry future we envision to help clients see more clearly the possibilities in this increasingly complex market. Our monthly independent global perspective of macro crude oil markets includes forecasts, analysis, and discussion of:

  • Global Crude Benchmark Prices and Differentials
  • Global Oil Balance
  • North American Crude Markets
  • Global Supply
  • Global Demand
  • Global Inventories
  • Days of Throughput

ESAI Energy’s independence, deep industry knowledge, historical track record, and quality data make us an ideal trusted source of analysis and insight. Our holistic approach, bottom-up fundamentals analysis, and innovative analytical methods produce projections that deliver clarity to our clients and help make the unpredictable predictable.

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