Global Fuels Outlook

The Global Fuels Outlook provides independent, data-driven analysis into the most important developments shaping the global gasoline, diesel, jet and fuel oil markets. These markets are examined with respect to disruptions, changing regulations/policies, and global and regional trends in consumption and refining operations, yielding detailed projections of supply, demand and price for each product. Clients have direct access to analysts to ask questions. The report and the dataset are updated monthly and include a 12 month outlook each month, two-year outlooks in April and October and a five-year outlook in July.


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Tables Included with Publication (Excel)

Fundamental data
by Global Total, US & Canada, Latin America,
Europe: Northwest, Mediterranean and, Southeast, FSU, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa

Total Product Demand (LPG, Naphtha, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet, Fuel Oil)
Motor Gasoline Fundamentals

  • Motor Gasoline Demand
  • Motor Gasoline Supply
  • Motor Gasoline Balance
  • Motor Gasoline Absolute Inventories
  • Motor Gasoline Inventories in Days of Cover
  • Motor Gasoline Selected Countries Data

Gasoil Fundamentals

  • Inland Gasoil Demand
  • Bunker Gasoil Demand
  • Gasoil Supply
  • Gasoil Balance
  • Gasoil Absolute Inventories
  • Gasoil Inventories in Days of Cover
  • Gasoil Selected Countries Data

Jet/Kero Fundamentals

  • Jet/Kero Demand
  • Jet/Kero Supply
  • Jet/Kero Balance
  • Jet/Kero Absolute Inventories
  • Jet/Kero Inventories in Days of Cover
  • Jet/Kero Selected Countries Data

Fuel Oil Fundamentals

  • Bunker Fuel Oil Demand
  • Inland Fuel Oil Demand
  • Total Fuel Oil Demand
  • Fuel Oil Supply
  • Fuel Oil Balance
  • Fuel Oil Absolute Inventories
  • Fuel Oil Inventories in Days of Cover
  • Fuel Oil Selected Countries Data

Ethanol and Biodiesel Fundamentals

  • Ethanol Demand
  • Biodiesel Demand

Petroleum Product Price Forecast (Excel)

Gasoline Spread

  • NYH RBOB -Brent
  • USGC UNL 87 -WTI Houston
  • Ethanol (D6) RINS -Per Gallon
  • NWE Prem 10ppm -Brent
  • Med. Prem 10ppm -Urals
  • Singapore 95 RON – Dubai

Distillate Spread forecast

  • NYH ULSD – Brent
  • USGC ULSD – WTI Houston
  • NYH ULS Heating Oil – Brent
  • USGC No.2 Oil – WTI Houston
  • NWE ULSD 10ppm – Brent
  • Med ULSD 10ppm – Urals
  • Singapore 0.05 S Gasoil – Dubai
  • USGC Jet Fuel – WTI Houston
  • NWE Jet/Kero – Brent
  • Singapore Jet/Kero – Dubai

Fuel Oil Spreads

  • NYH 1% Fuel Oil Brent
  • USGC 3% Fuel Oil – Mars
  • NWE 1% Fuel Oil – Brent
  • Singapore 180 cst Fuel Oil – Dubai