ESAI Energy’s analysis and forecasting of petroleum products has evolved with changes in the global market and our clients’ needs. ESAI began providing fundamental analysis and forecasts of product spreads in its Stockwatch Marketview in the 1980s. In the mid-1990s, ESAI published separate Stockwatch market outlooks for the Atlantic and Pacific basins devoted to analysis of developments in a variety of important markets. Nowadays, markets are more complex than ever and require a sophisticated approach to analysis. Trade in petroleum products is globally integrated. Fuel specifications and competition from biofuel and other non-petroleum alternatives add additional layers of complexity. ESAI Energy’s approach to providing insight to clients reflects these challenges. While our analysis still begins with country-by-country supply and demand trends, it has become more sophisticated and holistic. For example, to better forecast diesel fundamentals and trade flows, ESAI Energy tracks and projects supply and demand of diesel by quality. Fundamental analysis considers both the availability and competitiveness of non-conventional fuels when evaluating their future impact on petroleum product markets.

Global Fuels Outlook is a monthly publication with a holistic analysis of the global market for six petroleum products, LPG, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and fuel oil, as well as alternative fuels. The analysis, insight and price spread forecasts presented in Global Fuels Outlook are the product of our holistic analysis of the petroleum product markets.

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