Market Implications of Changing Bunker Specs 2020-2025

Comprehensive analysis on the implications for the oil markets of the change in IMO bunker specifications is available via email, webinar, or personal visit. The analysis will be updated every 2 months, through December 2019 as developments continue to unfold. Below is a summary of the presentation contents.

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  • Part 1: Market Size and Regulation (5 Slides)

  • Part 2: Enforcement and Compliance (19 Slides)

  • Part 3: Pathways to Compliance (8 Slides)

  • Part 4: Supplying Compliant Fuel Primary Response (16 Slides)

  • Part 5: Supplying Compliant Fuel Secondary Response (14 Slides)

  • Part 6: IMO Prices (6 Slides) Gasoil, Fuel Oil, Crude Differentials (6 Slides)

  • Part 7: Other Products and Prices (5 Slides)