Market Implications of Changing Chinese Gasoline Production and Blending to 2020:

This report details how changes in China’s gasoline production will affect trade of blending components:

  • Cracked Gasoline exports
  • Reformate (Mixed Aromatics) imports
  • MTBE/Ethanol/Methanol imports
  • Butane use and imports for Alkylate and MTBE production

Part I: Gasoline Production by Quality on a Quarterly and Annual Basis

  • Changing Gasoline Specifications
  • Assumptions about Demand Growth
  • Domestic Refinery Production
  • Capabilities – Changes to Refining Kit
  • Gasoline Production by Quality

Part II: Blending ratios & component output derived from:

  • Refining capacity and utilization of CDU, FCC, RFCC, Hycr, Coking, Reforming, Alkylation, Isomerization, MTBE, Ethanol
  • Trade Data
  • Industry sources
  • Analysis of fuel specification requirements

Part III: Component-by-Component Analysis of China’s Gasoline Blendpool on a Quarterly and Annual Basis

  • Cracked Gasoline
  • Reformate
  • Alkylate
  • Isomerate
  • SR Naphtha
  • MTBE
  • Methanol
  • Ethanol

Part IV: Component-by-Component Supply-Demand and Trade Analysis:

  • Domestic Production
  • Domestic Production Capacity
  • Domestic Demand
  • Trade Balance

Part V: Impact of Gasoline Quality Requirements on Butane (Isobutane/Isobutylene)Usage:

  • Alkylation Unit Usage
  • MTBE Unit Usage

Part VI: Regional Breakdown of Butane Usage for MTBE and Alkylation UnitsShandong Region

  • Eastern Region
  • Northeastern Region
  • Northern Region
  • Northwest Region
  • Southern Region
  • Yangtze Region