North America Watch

North America Watch provides independent, data-driven analysis of North American crude oil supply, refining and infrastructure. The analysis includes an insight that analyzes a market moving development as well as a dataset, which provides historical data as well as a forecast of supply demand fundamentals. Clients have direct access to analysts to ask questions. The report and the dataset are updated monthly and include a 12-month outlook.

Tables Included with Publication (Excel)

Total Crude Output

  • Total Canada Oil Sands
  • Canada Conventional
  • Total U.S. Conventional & Unconventional
  • PADD I
  • PADD V
  • Total U.S. Shale
  • Permian (shale only)
  • Eagle Ford
  • Niobrara
  • Bakken
  • Rest of U.S. Shale

Inventories, Throughput, Days of Throughput

  • Total (U.S. + Canada)
  • Canada
  • Total U.S.
  • Cushing
  • PADD I
  • PADD V

U.S. Crude Exports by Port

  • Total U.S.
  • Houston
  • Beaumont/Port Arthur
  • Freeport
  • Corpus Christi
  • New Orleans
  • Gramercy
  • All other Ports
  • Pipe, rail, truck to Canada

Crude Balances

PADD I Balance

  • PADD I Production
  • Volumes into PADD I from PII, III, IV, V
  • Domestic Supply PADD I
  • PADD I Refinery Throughput
  • Takeaway from PADD I by pipe/water/rail
  • PADD I Exports
  • Total PADD I Demand
  • PADD I Call on Foreign Imports

PADD II Balance

  • PADD II Production
  • Volumes into PADD II from PADD I, III, IV, V
  • Foreign Imports to PADD II (mainly Canada)
  • Total Supply PADD II
  • PADD II Refinery Throughput
  • Takeaway from PADD II by pipe/water/rail
  • PADD II Exports
  • Total PADD II Demand
  • Notional PADD II Balance

PADD III Balance

  • PADD III Production
  • Volumes into PADD III from PADD I, II, IV,V
  • Total Domestic Supply PADD III
  • PADD III Refinery Throughput
  • Takeaway from PADD III by pipe/water/rail
  • PADD III Exports
  • Total PADD III Demand
  • PADD III Call on Foreign Imports